womens quarterly conversation is an online publication focused on contemporary women authors. this journal is dedicated to giving voice and visibility to the exceptional aesthetic diversity of women writers in the 21st century.



jillian mukavetz is a poet photographer musician founder and editor of womens quarterly conversation. she received her mfa from new england college. she has a double masters in education. her poems and photography have appeared in verse, delirious hem, barnstorm, otoliths, ditch, poets and artists, among other publications. her cinepoems have been featured at the henry miller library in big sur, bangkok poetry events, and prick of the spindle. she plays the fiddle with the gypsy band. her chap books, in the process of being heard & say kitty, kitty are out from Dancing Girl Press. jillian has lived and taught in her home colorado as well as seoul, bangkok, munich, beijing, and currently lives and teaches as a english in bangkok, thailand.

womens quarterly conversation is a community driven project. if you are interested in participating with the project please submit a cover letter with bio and a sample of your work to the contact email listed below.

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poetrycrush asks jillian what shes reading

author experimental poetry blog: http://www.blackglassmoon.com, http://www.arielsoceans.wordpress.com

email: jillian.mukavetz@gmail.com

fb: https://www.facebook.com/womens-quarterly-conversation-1558117334476864/

twitter: @blackglassmoon


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One thought on “about.

  1. Hey, Jillian! I just want to say congratulations on the amazing work that you are doing all around the world and from the heart! I am proud of you and sending you best, best wishes and lots of love!

    As much as women “talk” there is so much that is left untreated about how we feel, what we think, what we are doing and where we are going. Its labors of love like yours that address the “unspeakables” from courageous woman-voices. Thanks for all that you are doing!

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